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Eureka Springs: City Of Healing Waters

How did the unfettered wilderness of the Ozarks, America’s early frontier, evolve into a prized health retreat for early pioneers before settling into a beloved historic town? Eureka Springs was founded for the healing properties of the naturally soothing waters, and that special sense of place has always informed the town’s history. Yet a complete chronological history from pre-founding to present-day Eureka Springs has never been written–until now. Respected local historians June Westphal and Kate Cooper tell the whole story of Eureka Springs, recounting the important people and major events that shaped this remarkable town tucked in the Ozarks. Learn how these healing springs were formed and how they, in turn, formed the foundation of a community.

Eureka Springs Impressions

Paintings by Larry Mansker. ‘These paintings were created to capture and preserve the essence of my adopted town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I wanted to depict the town’s Victorian charm, which drew me here and to show the character of its many creative and interesting residents, that keep me here. The town has a population that hovers around two thousand, with approximately one million guests visiting the town each year. This helps to make Eureka Springs very busy, with a lot of activity and diversity. Hence my paintings of Eureka Springs are very busy, with a lot of activity and diversity.

Eureka Springs: A Pictorial History

Eureka Springs Carnegie Public Library Association, 1975, Prints from original photographs lithographed by Eureka Springs Times-Echo. 87 black and white plates that tell the story of this amazing city built by water. See all the old fantastic buildings built on the side of the mountains.

A Fame Not Easily Forgotten (Paperback / Hardcover)

Boomtowns of the 1880s were notorious for attracting healthy people bent on building a reputation and making a fortune. Eureka Springs, Arkansas, was entirely different, populated heavily and instantly by those suffering from illnesses assumed to be incurable. Ailing people gathered around springs that gushed water so pure and charged with vitality, their pains and diseases simply vanished after they drank or bathed in it. June Westphal and Catharine Osterhage spent four years uncovering obscure accounts and rare photographs of early life in the Town That Water Built.

Images Of America: Eureka Springs

For hundreds of years, Osage and Cherokee Indians knew of the healing waters that sprang from the rocks in the dark reaches of the Ozark Mountains. Around 1828, pioneers from Tennessee pushed west and began to settle in the area that would eventually be named Eureka Springs. Captured here in almost 200 vintage images are the growth and development of this tiny town and the story of a closely held secret that cured the ill. Dr. Alvah Jackson discovered the healing power of the spring’s water when his application of the waters surging from the ground cured his son’s chronic eye problem. Word spread, and people began to come in droves. The area was incorporated in 1879 and named Eureka Springs, meaning “I found it.” Featured here are the residents, buildings, and events that shaped the tiny hamlet in the mountains, including the Crescent Hotel, the Carnegie Library, decades of visitors to the springs, and the local heroes of the First National Bank Robbery of 1922.

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