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Eureka Springs Historical Museum

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Baker Hospital Exhibit

We’re thrilled to present our new temporary exhibit showcasing the infamous Baker Hospital! This short-lived venture only operated inside the Crescent Hotel from 1937 to 1940, but left quite the impression with its unconventional medical treatments.

The exhibit features artifacts, images, and rare documents highlighting the life and tumultuous career of Norman Baker and his phoney cancer hospital here in Eureka Springs, PLUS original art by Sean Fitzgibbon from his stunning new graphic novel “What Follows is True – Crescent Hotel."

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A self-guided tour through our museum illustrates the history of the healing springs and the founding of our city. Permanent and temporary exhibits depict the indigenous people who first discovered the springs, the hardships of pioneer life, the Victorian renaissance that transformed Eureka Springs into a world-renowned health resort, and the arts and counter-culture movement that shaped us into the “town where misfits fit."



Artist of the Month

November 2022

Sean Fitzgibbon

We are very excited to be showcasing Sean Fitzgibbon as our November 2022 gift shop Artist of the Month! Sean is a very talented illustrator and author who has recently completed a stunning graphic novel all about the Baker Hospital years of the Crescent Hotel. In addition to his work being displayed and sold in the gift shop, some of Sean's original artwork will be on display as part of the upcoming Baker Hospital temporary exhibit.


Upcoming Events

Nov 02 – 5pm to 7pm

Baker Hospital Exhibit + Book Launch

The museum will be hosting a very special opening reception for our new temporary exhibit showcasing the infamous Baker Hospital, plus the book launch of the What Follows is True – Crescent Hotel graphic novel by Sean Fitzgibbon!



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